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Empowering Women for Africa's Economic Growth: Insights from the African Development Summit Pre-Summit Virtual Conference

In just two days, on **July 5th, 2024**, the African Development Summit is poised to host a pivotal pre-summit virtual conference with the theme "**Unlocking Africa’s Economic Potential in the Digital Age**," focusing on women as drivers of economic growth within the tech industry. The event promises to shed light on the transformative role women play in shaping Africa's economic landscape and innovation ecosystem.

Set for **10:00 AM - 11:30 AM EST ( - 4 GMT)**, this groundbreaking conference will be moderated by the esteemed Ms. Altesse Mulamba, leading the discourse towards empowering women as catalysts for Africa's economic progress. With a distinguished lineup of speakers, including Hon. Patience Masua, Member of Parliament from Namibia, Ms. Kicongo Brenda, Advisor to the President of Uganda on Youth Affairs, and Olive Kayongo Kabeya, Legal Legislative Assistant to the Governor of Maryland, USA, the stage is set for insightful discussions and valuable perspectives.

Hon. Patience Masua will emphasize the importance of inclusive policies and initiatives that support women's participation and leadership in the tech sector, paving the way for sustainable economic growth. Ms. Kicongo Brenda will share inspiring narratives of women trailblazers in tech, highlighting how mentorship and education drive innovation and societal change. Lastly, Olive Kayongo Kabeya will provide a global outlook, stressing the significance of collaborative efforts among nations to harness the collective potential of women in technology.

Powered by the African Coalition for Development, this event serves as a catalyst for sustainable growth and prosperity across the African continent. By empowering women and recognizing their pivotal role in driving economic growth and innovation, the conference aims to spearhead positive change and foster a culture of inclusivity and progress.

Mark your calendars for this dynamic event that is set to shape Africa’s economic future. Join us on **July 5th, 2024** at **10:00 AM - 11:30 AM EST ( - 4 GMT)* and be part of this transformative dialogue by accessing the virtual event link: (

Stay tuned for unparalleled insights, thought-provoking discussions, and a collective vision for leveraging the potential of women as key drivers of economic growth in the digital age. This conference will pave the way for an inclusive and progressive future for Africa and beyond.

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