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Teddy Kossoko

Born in the Central African Republic, where he lived for 18 years, Teddy Kossoko arrived in France in 2012 to pursue his studies in computer science after obtaining two French and Central African scientific baccalaureates in the same year.

He decided in 2014 in parallel to my studies to get into video games to promote Africa and created his first game, which was a success in 2018. He set up his first gaming company, Masseka, in 2018, just after graduating with a degree in computer engineering applied to business management.

At the same time, he works for Capgemini on the ESA and NASA Biomass space project to calculate the impact of deforestation in Africa on global warming. In 2019, he launched the development of Gara, the first African edutainment platform, to facilitate the distribution and monetization of mobile games and digital books throughout Africa by integrating all African payment systems. The Gara company was created in 2022 and won the support of numerous organizations such as Digital Africa.

 Teddy Kossoko
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