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African Coalition for Development Endorses Rt Hon. Raila Odinga as Next AU Commission Chairperson

The African Coalition for Development is pleased to announce its endorsement of Rt Hon. Raila Odinga as the next Chairperson of the African Union Commission. Odinga's extensive experience in governance, diplomacy, and development makes him a standout candidate for this crucial role. With a career dedicated to advancing democracy, peace, and prosperity across Africa, Odinga embodies the qualities needed to lead the AU Commission effectively.

Throughout his tenure in various leadership positions, Odinga has demonstrated a deep commitment to promoting good governance, fostering economic growth, and championing the rights of all Africans.

His efforts in mediating conflicts and advocating for democratic principles have earned him respect both within Kenya and on the international stage.

As the AU Commission Chairperson, Odinga would bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of success to the position.

His vision for a united and prosperous Africa aligns perfectly with the goals of the African Coalition for Development, making him the ideal candidate to lead the continent towards a brighter future.

The endorsement of Rt Hon. Raila Odinga by the African Coalition for Development signifies a vote of confidence in his ability to navigate the complex challenges facing the African Union and to drive forward the organization's agenda of peace, security, and sustainable development. Odinga's leadership qualities, experience, and dedication to the African continent make him a compelling choice for this important role.

In conclusion, the African Coalition for Development stands firmly behind Rt Hon. Raila Odinga as the next AU Commission Chairperson, believing that his leadership will bring about positive change and progress for Africa as a whole.

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Mar 26
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Great African leader, I support


Mar 20
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We stand with Baba

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