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Rachel Tabitha

East African Director / Regional Chairperson

Rachael Tabitha is a dynamic and charismatic young Kenyan Woman who exudes

passion, purpose and has blazed a trail in the world of Journalism, Politics/Leadership and

Business. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Mount Kenya

University-Kenya, a Diploma in Business Management from Firdaous Integrated-Nigeria,

certificates in Leadership and governance, currently pursuing a degree in International

Relations and a Diploma in law, Rachael has quickly risen through the ranks to become a

shining example of a young Kenyan woman who is passionate about making a positive


Apart from her professional endeavors, Rachael is an avid reader, a passion that has kept her

ahead of the curve, allowing her to be a beacon of hope for aspiring young leaders.

Rachael’s political acumen is nothing short of remarkable , her political activism has taken to

greater heights, She soared to prominence by serving as a vital part in Kenya’s former prime

minister the Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga Presidential Campaign team 2022 as a National

Youth Mobilizer, Azimio-Oka Youth President, Azimio Comrades President, Chairpersonyoung captains under ODM party women league. She even became the sole female member

of the movement for the defense of democracy, an achievement that allowed her to address

mammoth opposition rallies at the national level across all 47 counties in Kenya.

Her dedication also led her to become a member of the Youth parliament, all serving as a

testament to her leadership abilities.

With an unwavering passion for youth empowerment, National youth influence and ranked

Top 5 of 100 info track most influential in Kenya polls, Rachael is dedicated to championing

positive transformations within communities, a seasoned communication professional and

Deputy President of Kenya University Students Organization, striving to amplify the voices

of the youth, ensuring their concerns are heard and addressed.

Through her visionary leadership, she founded National community organizations that

provide a platform for aspiring young politicians to learn, practice politics, and actively

engage in leadership and policy advocacy, Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals

(SDGs), she is steadfast in pursuit of creating a brighter future for all.

Raising the flag high as CEO and Founder of RAP Kenya, she spearheads the fight against

drug abuse and teen pregnancies, working tirelessly to create a beyond zero teen pregnancy

society and drug-free communities; Rachael Tabitha Foundation #INUAJAMII

#RACHAELCARE committed to an empowered, just society free from crime, injustices,

unaffordable healthcare, education and unemployment, striving for a healthier and safer

environment for the next generation.

In the business world, she thrive as an entrepreneur, owning and successfully managing three

renowned companies. With two construction enterprises and a trusted pharmaceuticals

supplier, she drives innovation, excellence, and positive economic impact.

Even though her Member of County Assembly nomination didn’t pan out, Rachael’s

unyielding determination to serve and lead remains unshaken. She aspires to leave an

indelible mark on society, uplift lives, and be a catalyst for positive change, all while

showcasing her creative writing prowess.

M/S Rachael possesses a diverse skill set, combining her expertise in media and public

relations with a passion for social change and political engagement. Her background in youth

advocacy fuels her drive to empower the next generation through entrepreneurial ventures

and community initiatives. Her commitment to fostering democracy and political awareness

shines through active participation in campaigns and a deep understanding of political

dynamics. With a wide range of experiences and an unswerving desire to make a positive

impact, this communications professional is poised to excel in any endeavor she undertakes.

National Youth Advocate

The Kenya University Students Organization Deputy President

Communications Professional & an Entrepreneur

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Rachel Tabitha
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