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Olive Kayongo Kabeya

Project Director / Team Lead - 50 Under 50 MIA

Olive Kayongo Kabeya is a dedicated change maker from the Democratic Republic of Congo, committed to inspiring and empowering the youth of her country and internationally.

Olive Kabeya's impressive career trajectory began at the age of 16 when she became the editor-in-chief of her school's magazine and published"Une lueur d’espoir pour une vie impavide" in partnership with a renowned international publisher agency « Mediaspaul » .

Following this role, she pursued a legal studies degree with a concentration in criminal justice. She graduated with honors and received prestigious awards such as the 2 Distinguished Student Awards from the Community College of Baltimore County and the Community College of Baltimore City. Her exceptional academic achievements caught the attention of global leaders, leading to her being recognized as a Global Youth Leader for 2023.

After completing her degree, Olive secured a legal assistant internship with the Maryland Public Defenders Office, gaining valuable experience in the legal field. This internship paved the way for her to take on a legal secretary internship at the Maryland General Assembly, where she honed her skills and furthered her understanding of the legal system.

Olive's next career move was a pivotal one, as she transitioned into a legislative assistant role at the Governor's office. This position marked the beginning of her political career and allowed her to work closely with government officials to create positive change in her community.

One of Olive's most notable achievements was being invited by the First Lady of the United States to a dinner celebrating the Presidential Summit, where she represented the Maryland Governor's office as the youngest attendee. This recognition speaks volumes about Olive's dedication to her work and her ability to make a meaningful impact on society.

Olive's passion for creating change extends beyond her work with environmental organizations, as she is also actively involved with the United Nations Department of Global Communication, Civil Society Outreach. As a powerful member of the intergenerational and youth subcommittee for UNSC 2024 , Olive is making a name for herself as a leader in the global community, advocating for positive change and social justice.

In addition to her academic and professional achievements, Olive has also dedicated her time and energy to volunteering with organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, where she serves as a Panda Ambassador from the DRC and has gotten the opportunity to propose bills that were later on passed at the U. S congress.

Her commitment to environmental conservation and wildlife protection is evident in her work with the organization, and she continues to make a significant impact in this field.

Olive Kayongo Kabeya is a true leader, embodying the values of service, integrity, and determination. Her dedication to public service and her unwavering belief in the power of young people make her an exceptional individual who continues to make a difference in the lives of others.

Olive Kayongo Kabeya
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