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Olanrewaju Adewole

Executive Director / President

Olanrewaju Adewole, widely known as Jay Adewole, is a dynamic and passionate youth activist who is dedicated to driving positive change across the African continent. With a deep belief in the potential of Africa's youth, Jay has tirelessly advocated for their empowerment and has been instrumental in inspiring young people to become agents of change.

As a successful entrepreneur, Jay has founded and led several ventures, utilizing his innovative thinking and business acumen to create meaningful impact. Through his ventures, he has not only contributed to economic growth but has also prioritized social and environmental sustainability, aligning his businesses with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Jay's passion for writing has led him to become a published author of multiple books. Through his writings, he shares valuable insights, experiences, and inspiration, motivating others to pursue their dreams and make a difference in their communities. His books serve as a guide for aspiring entrepreneurs and change-makers, offering practical advice and wisdom gained from his own journey.

Recognized for his powerful and thought-provoking speeches, Jay is a sought-after speaker at various events. From entrepreneurship to social justice, he delivers impactful talks that resonate with diverse audiences. His ability to articulate complex ideas and inspire action has made him a compelling voice in the realm of youth empowerment and pan-African unity.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits and writing, Jay serves as a founding consultant at a leading business consulting firm. In this role, he provides strategic guidance to organizations, helping them navigate challenges and seize opportunities for growth. His expertise in business strategy and his commitment to ethical practices have made him a trusted advisor to numerous companies.

Above all, Jay Adewole's unwavering commitment to empowering youth and fostering pan-African unity continues to make a lasting impact. Through his various endeavors, he has demonstrated that young people have the power to shape the future of Africa and create a continent that is prosperous, inclusive, and united.

In summary, Olanrewaju "Jay" Adewole is a visionary youth activist, entrepreneur, author, and speaker who is dedicated to driving positive change in Africa. His passion for empowering youth, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his commitment to pan-African unity have positioned him as a catalyst for progress and a beacon of hope for the continent's future.




Olanrewaju Adewole
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