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Anthonia J Oprah

Senior-Editor - Pan African News Media

Anthonia J. Oprah brings a wealth of experience and a passion for storytelling to her new role as Senior Editor at the Pan African News Media. Formerly a dedicated women and gender equality advocate, Anthonia has made significant contributions to amplifying women's voices and advocating for social justice issues. Her previous role as Editor in Chief at Winners Circle News showcased her editorial prowess and leadership skills, where she spearheaded impactful stories and inspired a culture of excellence within the newsroom.

Joining the Pan African News Media team on June 26th, 2024, Anthonia's unique background as an advocate and seasoned editor promises to bring a fresh perspective and dynamic energy to the newsroom. Her commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices and championing meaningful storytelling aligns perfectly with the Pan African News Media's mission to provide informative and engaging content to audiences across the continent.

Anthonia's experience in promoting women's empowerment and gender equality issues will undoubtedly enrich the editorial direction of the Pan African News Media, ensuring that diverse perspectives and crucial issues are highlighted in the news coverage. Her leadership at Winners Circle News has honed her editorial skills, and her innovative approach to journalism will invigorate the newsroom and drive the team towards even greater journalistic excellence.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Anthonia is known for her collaborative spirit, her dedication to mentorship, and her unwavering commitment to journalistic integrity. As she embarks on this new chapter at the Pan African News Media, Anthonia's vision for impactful storytelling and inclusive reporting will shape the news agenda and elevate the voices of communities throughout Africa.

Anthonia J. Oprah's transition to the Pan African News Media marks an exciting new chapter in her career, where her experiences as an advocate and Editor in Chief will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success and growth of the news organization. Her passion for empowering voices, commitment to journalistic excellence, and innovative storytelling approach will undoubtedly make her an invaluable asset to the newsroom and a catalyst for positive change within the media landscape.

Anthonia J Oprah
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