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Prisca Makila

Prisca Makila Biakong is an industrial electronics engineer and the CEO of Kim Engineering, a start-up focused on electronics, robotics, home automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. She co-created the "logette intelligente," a device designed to prevent domestic electrocution and damage to household appliances. Prisca's innovation has gained recognition, including being ranked in Forbes 30 Under 30.

While studying computer science at the Higher Institute of Applied Techniques (ISTA) in Kinshasa, Prisca participated in the Fablab project, which aimed to promote the professional integration of youth and women through digital technology. It was during this project that she developed the "logette intelligente" with a friend, inspired by personal experiences of losing loved ones to electrocution. The device automatically manages electricity in a building, reducing the risk of electrocution, appliance damage, and fires caused by overheating electrical systems. These are common issues in the DRC and Africa as a whole.

Prisca's intelligent logette won the 2nd prize in the HackMaker competition organized by the Francophone University Agency in 2021, as well as the BETON RDC Expo prize at the Construction Fair. Following these successes, she launched Kim Engineering, specializing in electronic design, robotics, home automation, and the Internet of Things. The start-up aims to address societal problems through technology, offering the intelligent logette for automatic and remote management of a building's electricity through an Android application. Kim Engineering also provides electrical and photovoltaic installation services.

In 2022, Prisca represented the DRC at the Vivatech new technology fair in France and participated in the Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai. She has received recognition for her achievements, including being named "Women of Potential" by the DRC Job Days in March 2023 and winning the first Level Up by Makutano Prize at the 4th edition of the DRC Women's Entrepreneurship Forum. Forbes magazine also recognized her as one of the 30 young Africans under 30 who are making a significant impact in Africa.

Prisca Makila
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