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Jean Fall

Jean Fall is a French-Senegalese entrepreneur who has made a name for himself as a self-made individual in the business world. With a diverse range of passions including tech, storytelling, cinema, arts, food, blockchain, and people, Jean's journey into the film industry has allowed him to connect with extraordinary individuals and live life to the fullest.

Jean possesses extensive experience in various fields such as event management, project management, streaming platforms, sales, digital marketing, communication, and media development. Additionally, he has served as an artistic director for captivating videos that showcase his creative vision.

Among his notable achievements, Jean takes pride in his ongoing success with Cinewax, a venture he founded in 2015 to promote African cultures through cinema. Over the course of seven years, he has organized more than 100 events and showcased over 300 films, providing a platform for African directors and storytellers to contribute to the enrichment of culture and challenge the conventional Westernized film canon.

In 2018, Jean created the first Online African Film Festival (OAFF), a groundbreaking initiative that gained recognition and support. Through four successful crowdfunding campaigns, he raised an impressive €72,000, demonstrating his ability to mobilize resources and rally a community around his vision.

Jean's leadership skills are evident in his ability to build and manage an international team of over 100 volunteers spanning 10 countries. He has also trained and mentored more than 300 individuals, fostering growth and development within his organization.

Furthermore, Jean co-founded the first educational film school program dedicated to African cinemas in both France and Senegal, furthering his commitment to empowering aspiring filmmakers and expanding opportunities within the industry.

In line with his passion for cinema and storytelling, Jean opened a global streaming platform with users in 73 countries, providing access to diverse and authentic African films (currently closed).

Currently, Jean is exploring opportunities within the media industries and working on exciting new projects that will continue to make a positive impact. With his wealth of experience and the challenges he has overcome along his journey, he has recently ventured into advising in business development, management, and marketing, sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.

Jean Fall's background as a self-made entrepreneur, coupled with his passion for technology, storytelling, cinema, arts, food, blockchain, and people, has shaped him into a dynamic and influential figure in the industry. His dedication to promoting African cultures through cinema and his commitment to providing a platform for African filmmakers to showcase their works are testaments to his vision and drive. Jean's journey is a testament to the power of pursuing one's passions and making a difference in the world.

Jean Fall
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