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Adepeju Olukokun

The name, Adepeju Olukokun might not readily come to mind in an everyday setting but mention Kokun Foundation to anyone and you will be quickly told that’s one foundation reputed for its genuine charitable ventures across the breadth and length of Nigeria. Kokun Foundation is the vision of Adepeju Olukokun, a likeable personality who fought and conquered poverty.

His story was of a man favoured by fate and destined for greatness; from his humble beginnings he has able been to create a promising future for himself through hard work and unusual tenacity. Maybe because of his humble beginnings, Kokun’s obsession for humanity is second to none.

depeju Olukokun

Through his foundation, Kokun has touched lives of tens of thousands less privileged and disadvantaged Nigerians with provision of life essentials like food, clothing and most importantly, pure love. According to available information, Kokun’s obsession for humanity was inspired by his own struggles through life, growing up in a polygamous home where every man is for himself.

He experienced hunger first hand and had to hawk at a point to survive. Hear him “ My daily mission is simple; to put food on the tables of our hungry neighbours and get more people out of poverty and problems. Giving is not determined by how much you have but how much your heart truly desires to sacrifice.

There are people who will starve to death today. There are people who have to eat mud pies daily. We don’t truly understand how blessed we are to feed the poor and help people who are in need. Feeding the needy is part of serving one another”

Adepeju Olukokun
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