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Techno Direct is a leading global provider of innovative communication software products, solutions and services. Techno Direct solutions enable our customers to meet mainstream, niche and individual market segment requirements. Established in 2008, Techno Direct Ltd. is affiliated with STEPOLO LLC, a United States based company that specializes in informational technology, research and development, and monitoring and evaluation.

Techno Direct web-based solutions help customers to quickly bring to market the newest services and promotions without disrupting existing offerings. Our solutions allow customers to enable greater return on investment and better uptake results.


Techno Direct is committed to providing customers with real-time, end-to-end web-based solutions that address the entire system life cycle, including feasibility studies, analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance. Techno Direct solutions are personalized to the clientís needs and provide the solutions that help drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Techno Direct has and continues to establish successful relationships and strategic partnerships with our customers. From the onset of each customer engagement, Techno Direct believes in working with our clients and encourages open dialogue. Our lasting relationships are a testament to Techno Directís strong commitment to provide innovative and flexible solutions, ensuring timeliness and cost effectiveness.


In today's competitive landscape, it is more important than ever for our clients to deliver real value to their customers. Consumers want problems resolved quickly; and they want to choose what services they want, along with how they want to pay for and receive these services. Techno Directís web-based solutions improve the end-user experience, which has the potential to increase both our clientís revenue and their customer retention.


Nigeria Office:
63b Opebi Road
Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: + 234 1 7404085

United States Office:
2197 Asquith Avenue SW
Marietta, GA 30008, USA